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Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions about privacy, unsubscribing, 
and most common mailing list questions, below.

What will the personal information you request be used for? Will you sell my information?
The mailing list program requires a subscriber to enter their name and town/city, state for's search records for verification only and is not used by our company for any other reason.  Peter F. Gahm Inc. will not use any of the information without your consent nor will it be submitted to a third party.  Read the "Privacy Notice" in our Legal section. 
How do I unsubscribe from this mailing list that I'm on?
To unsubscribe, just return to the Subscribe page, enter your email address (stated on the email that was receiving the mail) and click unsubscribe ... it's done immediately ... it's that fast and easily!

Note: This mailing list program automatically removes your email address.  It is not performed by a person, so we are unable to help you.  

How do I change my e-mail address?
  1. Log on to the Subscribe page and go to the one form supplied.
  2. UNsubscribe your OLD address.
  3. Then Subscribe again with the NEW address. 

This is a simple program - logon to subscribe, or logon and remove your address! 

Will I receive lengthy HTML emails with pictures and attachments?

No.  All of our Emails are sent in standard "Text Only" format so everyone will be able to receive them and not worry about virus attachments.  

For additional information read our Legal section for our Privacy Policy or Contact us.

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